Ethos360 is an innovative boutique recruitment agency: big enough to be challenging the status quo, small enough to care, and as nimble as a mountain goat.


Our Team


Nathan Soti

Managing Director


Joe Pagano

Recruitment Consultant


Gerard Papoulis

Recruitment Consultant

Klan Fajardo

Client Services

But first… why does the industry need to change?

For many recruiters, having “the biggest database” is their modus operandi.

We don’t believe bigger is better. In fact, we’ve been there, and that experience highlighted a great need for recruitment to be done better.


Maybe you too have experienced the dark side, as a candidate:

  • Being overlooked through sheer volume of competition. You know you can ace an interview – but you can never get an interview.
  • Not able to get your resume in front of human eyes, let alone an introduction to a hiring manager.
  • Feeling like what you are: a number, just one amongst thousands.
  • Zero response to any of those applications you slaved over. Not even a “received”.

Or as an employer:

  • Big databases, simplified by impersonal systems, lack the customer service touch.
  • You pay the fee to a recruitment firm then never hear from them.
  • Algorithms filter out highly suitable candidates simply because they didn’t include a keyword – which means you miss out too.
  • Your new manager bailed after six months because they weren’t the right fit – but the recruiter had a quota to fill and little time to spend on you.

It can be highly frustrating for skilled applicants and less than satisfactory for busy employers who need to entrust this task to others.

That’s why the Ethos360 approach was born.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on doing things differently


We see changing the game as the only way to benefit our partners and our candidates and meet the values we, and you, hold dear.


Our success rate is measured not by the number of candidates we place, but by the number who stay in the roles we place them in for the long term.


Simply put, at Ethos360 we focus on finding the right candidate for the business, and the right business for the candidate. Call us matchmakers – it has to be a perfect match, or we’re not fulfilling anyone’s needs.


While we are selective about the industries and businesses we work with, remaining boutique enables us to serve our clients better. At the same time, we are constantly growing our knowledge and open to partnering with exciting growth businesses in any industry.

Our Values


We put people first in everything we do.

Partnership, customer service, and communication are fundamental.


We’re committed to being accountable.

We actually care.


We’re here to change the game.

Transforming how recruitment operates, for the better.


We tell it how it is.

Transparency and honesty are key in all our interactions.

We believe our little recruitment revolution will have a big impact and change the way you perceive recruiters.

We believe in creating long-term relationships: companies we can help to grow across the years, people we can help from strength to strength in their careers.

And by the way, we walk the walk. When we chat with you about offering work-life balance, incentives, and benefits to attract and keep quality staff, you better believe we do the same.


Our Culture

We embrace the kind of work culture that we encourage in our amazing business partners: put your people first, because your people are your difference.

It’s simple really. Work hard, play hard. And be good human beings.

We honor work-life flexibility, incentives, mental wellbeing, exercise, and importantly, celebrating our wins when we’re nailing it!

And because we practice what we preach, Ethos360 proudly fosters an environment that brings the right people for our roles. So our small dedicated team loves helping people succeed and is super savvy, constantly growing their knowledge and staying on top of market trends.

Time to introduce ourselves….