Our Head of Recruitment, Nathan Soti will be sharing monthly thought leadership pieces to understand various aspects of the recruitment process and how Ethos360 works.

As a recruiter it’s easy to get so caught up in the requirements of a role and the pressure of finding the right candidate for a client, that we fail to get a deep understanding of the candidate themselves.

Who are they? What are their goals? Why are they considering this opportunity? What are they looking for in the role?

That’s why we consider it equally important to get to know both our clients and our candidates intimately.

A first conversation with a potential candidate can be a bit like a first date. Naturally in these sorts of situations it feels strange effectively interrogating a candidate for information about themselves without giving a little bit of myself as well. That’s when the conversation becomes personal, and a lot more comfortable and valuable.

But in reality, we’re actually the proxy for the first date, which will eventually take place when we introduce the best candidate to the client for the first time. Imagine setting up two people on a date who you don’t know really well – sounds like a recipe for disaster. That’s why we go to the effort to get to know both parties really well before making the introduction.

The unexpected outcome of this though, is that we end up developing really close relationships with both our clients and our candidates, to the point that both end up becoming our friends.

This leads to one of the most rewarding parts of my job, which is the follow-up phone call after a candidate has been placed and completed their first few days in a new role. I find it’s like calling one mate, to find out how my other mate went in their first week on the job.

To hear from our client that the person we found for them is perfect for the role, is hugely rewarding. But what’s even better is hearing how happy a successful candidate is in their new role, to hear that it’s everything they dreamed of, that’s exactly why we do what we do.

Getting this match right comes down to taking the time to get to know both parties at a deep level. Without this effort, the match could be doomed to fail.

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