I do not know how many times this is mentioned, and people still ignore this step and apply with resumes that mention their amazing “atention to detail.”

Proofreading your resume is super simple and extremely important. You can use the built-in spell checker in your word processor, but don’t rely just on that. You can also use programs like Grammarly to check your grammar and word choices. Reading your resume out loud can also help you catch errors you might have missed. Having a friend or family member read through your resume can also be a good idea.

Use a Modernized Template

A terrible resume template can really take away from a well written resume!

Choose a professional, modern resume template that will catch the recruiter’s attention. Conform it to the industry you’re applying for. Choose toned down, black and white resume templates for conservative sectors. You can be more liberal with colours and graphic design elements on your resume for more creative sectors.