From changes in technology to evolving social structures, the business landscape today shifts briskly. While change can be a challenge, it also creates an opportunity in every entrepreneurial zone, including sales.

To find industry success, salespeople need to stay up-to-date with current best practices and cutting-edge strategies. We came up with the most important advice from modern salespeople to build their client base and maximise their sales performance.

1. Stay Focused On Relationships and Discern Human Behaviour

One way to adapt to change is to embrace fundamentals that never change. In sales, that’s relationships. Make sure you maintain older relationships even while you pursue new ones. Never take clients for granted. Have a plan for maintaining personal connections with customers, not just transactional ones. Staying focused on the basics will keep you grounded when inevitable change comes along. Although technologies and tools will change over the next years and decades, our profound needs and desires as human beings won’t. So make sure that you understand what drives us: what we want, need, crave, dislike and fear. In addition to that, also work on yourself. The more authentic and “you” you become, the more successful you will be—as a human being and salesperson.

2. Maximise Technology To Complement Your Skills and Personalise Communication

There are many new technologies currently available and under development to support sales. It’s critical that salespeople understand their core strengths, where technology can replace them and how they can use technology to expand their abilities, such as eyeing prospects, giving virtual reality or augmented reality demonstrations, and so much more. Both young and veteran entrepreneurs who want to become relevant and continue to grow their success should consider personalising their communication as the most effective strategy. Emails, social media and adverts can never replace a personalised experience. It’s unarguable necessary, but if one wants competitive advantage, strong negotiation outcomes and market share, be out there.

3. Change The Approach, Not The Intent – Focus On The Customer

When change is abundant—whether in technology, offerings, systems or otherwise—you can feel the need to change everything. Keep this in mind: The purpose of your efforts shouldn’t change with technology. When you find yourself in the midst of change, keep first things first and don’t fall into a trap of changing your intent. Begin with the end in mind and change your approach, not your intent. It may sound simple, but knowing your customer is still the core of successful sales. This ensures that you’re not only providing what they need today, but helping them to prepare for what is coming, even if they don’t see it yet themselves.

4. Always Keep Training – Remember That Sales Is Service

The most important thing a salesperson can do 100 years ago and today is to keep training, both one-on-one and via podcasts, books and seminars. Stay fresh. Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, has four coaches. If you sell, you are providing a service or a product to someone to support whatever they are up to. When you keep your eye on your real job, which is to contribute, you will continue to keep up with the technology, the products and  the different techniques you can use to sell and provide service to the prospect. It is all in the perspective. Keep your eye on being of service, and your job is simple.

Explain The Relevance Of Your Product or Service – Make Sure You Know What Your Customer Wants

Given the varied changes and realities within the business world, it’s vital for those in sales to be able to clearly articulate the relevance of their product or service to the consumer. Be mindful that in sales there is very little that “speaks for itself.” Having a great product simply isn’t enough in changing times. Stop assuming you know what your customer wants, needs or desires. Ask questions, listen and find out specifically what their problems are today. Then look at how you uniquely solve their problem and clearly communicate that.